Fashion was considered to be a domain of women. But now-a-days, men are getting conscious about how they look. Many designers are making clothes as per the fashion standards for men. Fred Perry is one such name which has a complete range of men’s stylish clothing. In addition to this, choosing an outfit with right colors and perfect fit can never go wrong. Being a stylish man is not difficult if you know the right tricks.

Here are some smart and stylish tips for an effortless look:

    Some outfits are meant to be the staple outfits in your wardrobe. They never go out of trend. A good pair of denim, a crisp white shirt, a crew neck sweater, a solid rayon t-shirt, classic linen shirt, baseball bomber jacket, black hoody, and a solid color sweatshirt are some of the basic essential items which should be there in your wardrobe.
    Wearing solid, dark shades is one of the good things you can do to your outfit. The busy prints and graphic t-shirts may look edgy but, such clothes lose sophistication. Try sticking to the basic shades of color pallet, i.e., black, white, grey, blue, brown, etc. and you will look elegantly stylish.
    Do not overdo when it comes to patterns. Choose plain and clean patterns for a neat and finished look. Instead of bold horizontal stripes, choose fine vertical stripes. Avoid hectic and messy patterns for a decent look.
    Wearing a well-tailored outfit is one of the important things that should be done so as to get that perfect look. Well fitted classic men’s clothing will never go out of fashion and will give you that sophisticated, gentleman appearance.
    To look dapper and elegant, accessorise yourself with an analogue watch, right tie and cufflinks, pocket chain, or/ and hat. Never overdo with the accessories. The right accessories will make your outfit look 10 times more appealing.


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Luxury Polo Shirts

Versatile ways to wear women’s designer polo shirt

Women’s designer polo shirt has become one of the must haves in the wardrobe, thanks to its unique design which allows versatility in its wear ability. Unlike other wardrobe staples, these t-shirts can be teamed up with various kinds of lowers from basic denims to short skirts. And yes, when teamed perfectly with the right kind of accessories and bottom wear, women’s designer polo shirt can make the heads turn to you at any event.

Many women doubt their choice when they pick up a polo shirt, because of their inability to judge how it can team perfectly with the outfits they choose to wear. So scroll down for some really amazing ways that will help you pair your favourite designer polo shirt in just the right way:


An all time favorite of many women out there, denims and polo shirt go together like a match made in heaven. The best part about this combination is that you can wear any color of the women’s designer polo shirt with your denims. Dark colors like red, dark blue, bright yellow, lavender go really well with both dark and light colored denims.

Tennis skirt

You don’t have to wear that typical white tennis skirt to create a hot look with a polo shirt. Pick up a pink flared tennis skirt and team it up with a women’s designer polo shirt with polka dots and ruffles around the button placket to create a mesmerising impact on the lookers!  

Long straight skirt with slit

A long stripped skirt or a long floral skirt or even a solid long skirt teamed with a women’s designer polo shirt can create a high end fashion statement which can be the reason of envy for many around you. To create more drama, accessorise with some nice scarves around your neck.

Leather jeggings

Black leather jeggings and hot red women’s designer polo shirt are a match to die for. You can wear it to a party and create a high end impression on all those who think only dresses can make a party rock. This outfit is one of the best and can create a lot of poise around your personality when carried with confidence.

Chunky pullover

Imagine a light pink or brown women’s designer polo shirt under a chunky beige pullover with a pair of lightly washed denims. Doesn’t it come across as a blissful pairing of ordinary clothes from your closet? Wear it this way and you are sure to make the heads turn.  

Contrasting slips

A dark coloured long slip under a light coloured ruffled women’s designer polo shirt with a basic skirt or even a pair of navy blue denims can break the monotony of your routine wear clothes. Try wearing this outfit for coffee date or a gossip session with your friends and you will have everyone say praises over your dressing sense.

Ankle length tights

Why always wear skirts or denims when you can create a story of your outfit with ankle length tights. Pick up those ankle length tights from your wardrobe and team them up with that gorgeous women’s designer polo shirt and those cool shoes you have in your rack. What else do you need to slay it all day!

When you are able to carry an outfit with confidence, you can slay in even the simplest of clothes that are piled up in your wardrobe. If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe with some unique women’s designer polo shirt, then you need to check the collection at right away. They have the coolest women’s designer polo shirt ever and guess what, you can get a personal stylist from them as well!

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Luxury Designer Clothing

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